Monday, July 21, 2008

Hudson Valley locavore heaven

Had a fantastic visit to the Rhinebeck Farmers Market on Sunday, which had some nice music and its always-fab vendors. It was THE place to be on Sunday – I even ran into one of my colleagues, Barb (the Dish 'n' That blogger).

Best of all, I picked up the ingredients to make a quick, easy, delicious and LOCAL meal back home. Our supper that day consisted of bison burgers from Highland Farms in Germantown, garlic sautéed green beans and garlic-roasted potatoes from Brittany Hollow Farm in Rhinebeck, and rustic Italian bread from Our Daily Bread in Chatham. For dessert, we went over to Leonardo’s Italian Market (located in the little plaza on East Market Street near the farmers market) and picked up a cannoli to share – heavenly and it’s not SO decadent if we all share it!

The entire meal cost less than $20 (sans wine) and was enough to feed four. I had leftover beans and potatoes to make a great salade niçoise to enjoy the next day. By the way, Taliaferro Farms of New Paltz was selling its first new garlic of the season.

There are so many benefits to being a locavore (one who looks first to buying locally produced food) -- it helps the regional economy and the environment, the farmers who we want to help stay in business, and us, because I think the the food just tastes better.

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