Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rings and shiny things

I have been meaning to write about the Hidalgo jewelry line since I saw it last winter at Zimmer Brothers during a photo shoot of Rolex watches for Hudson Valley Connoisseur magazine. Hidalgo creates stackable and mix-and-matchable fine enameled jewelry made of precious metals and set with precious and semiprecious stones. The really neat part is that you create the design – so every one will be different.

There are rings, bracelets, earrings – even watches and pens! I fell for the ladybug design, which I think would look super in yellow gold with diamonds. I couldn’t find a photo of the ladybugs but this image will give you an idea of the possibilities. If I am not mistaken, there are 5 rings stacked in this photo. (They are very thin so you can wear several at one time.)

According to the company, the Hidalgo collection is designed by Silvio Hidalgo in the Virgin Islands. All 18K gold is manufactured in Miami, Florida and all watches are Swiss made. Mr. Hidalgo was born in Cuba and came to the US as a child. As an adult he worked as an electrical engineer for IBM, later started a computer company and while living in Monte Carlo, found his passion for jewelry.

You can see a great collection of Hidalgo pieces at Zimmer Brothers Jewelers, 39 Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie.

Photo provided by Hidalgo collection

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