Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An enjoyable evening

I spent a great couple of hours last weekend at Kingston's waterfront area. We started out by getting our names on the list at Savona's Trattoria at 11 Broadway (it's quite popular).Then we walked up the street to check out Cecilia Madden's new wine store (her family owns Savona's) while we were waiting for our table.

We found a great selection of wine at good prices in the lovely little shop. I bought two bottles I'll taste soon -- a Rancho Zabaco Zinfandel (a big, fun red wine I'd enjoyed in the past) and Polka dot, which I bought because 1. I really like German Rieslings and 2. it's packaged in such a cute bottle. My companion said it looked like a "girly wine" but I'll let you be the judge. (I had photographed the bottle for the blog but then found this great image of it at this site -- much better than my attempts!)

I'd met Cecilia Madden a few times many years ago when I worked with her husband Bill (a longtime area newspaper photographer who unexpectedly passed away a few years ago). It was nice to reconnect and to see the wonderful place she's established on the Rondout.

Back at Savona's we had a delicious meal -- real Italian comfort food at very reasonable prices in a nice setting. The menu is here. (Be sure to try the pumpkin ravioli in sage butter sauce.)

All in all, it was a great (and easy) way to spend an evening. :-)

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