Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank you for the yellow deer!

Drive south on Route 9G, just before its intersection with Slate Quarry Road in Rhinebeck, and look up on a small hill on the left side of the road to see a forsythia bush that has been carved to resemble a deer with antlers. This time of year it turns into a bushy yellow deer due to the seasonal blooms. In summer, it’s a green deer and in winter, a brown deer. I’ve noticed it for several years now.

There’s something about this whimsical creature that appeals to me. I like topiaries that push the boundaries beyond sedate ball shapes and spiral trees. In 2003, I was invited to a press tour of the Montreal International Mosaiculture in Canada, an international topiary competition featuring acres of stunning two-dimensional and three-dimensional works by horticulture artists from around the world. You can see some photos at this Web site. The visit greatly expanded my concept of “topiary”.

I don’t know anything about the person who created or maintains the deer topiary in Rhinebeck but whoever you are – thank you. Your creation always brightens my day.

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