Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Buy local art!

I love buying original art. If it's from local artists, all the better.

Jennifer Axinn-Weiss creates the clever Gourmet Giggles cartoon that appears in Hudson Valley Connoisseur magazine. She's also an accomplished artist and right now her work is appearing in a "two-woman show" at Sharada Gallery in Rhinebeck.

"A Group of Two" features paintings by Jennifer and Joanne Klein.

Here is a little background info on them, supplied by the artists:

Jennifer Axinn-Weiss is a visual artist and resident of Rhinebeck, New York. She has exhibited widely for over 20 years in the US and Italy. Jennifer is a sculptor turned painter and feels that "…art is the place where invisible presence can be made visible through image, color and light." Her painting style is ripe with symbolic meanings, texture, and color reflecting a connection between her internal and external world. She works in oil on canvas, sometimes using gold.

Joanne Klein's rich and powerful use of color is compelling. She has been a fine artist and painter for over 20 years with her work evolving from a realistic and surrealistic approach to her current body of work in abstracts. The historical movements of the Russian Constructivist, Abstract Expressionist, Minimalists, and contemporary architecture have been influences. Klein's paintings are a composite of geometric shapes covered in highly saturated colors. A creative process of deconstruction, reduction, and rebuilding, is Joanne's primary means for developing imagery. She works in oil on canvas and oil pastel on paper

For more information on the exhibit you can contact Sharada at 845-876-4828, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Or just visit

The exhibit only runs through November 9. Go. Buy. I'm headed there this weekend. Now I just need to get more walls in my house...

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