Friday, June 20, 2008

It just popped up!

I have some great memories of camping trips when I was younger, in particular those taken in a pop-up tow camper in Europe. It's an experience I would love to share with my daughter (especially since a camping vacation would mean we could bring along our dogs.)

So I have been thinking about getting a pop-up tow camper for a long time, but never bought one for a number of reasons. Reason #1 being that I have allergies and am worried about buying something that has the potential to get musty in our humid summers. (That was the big issue I'd seen with the used pop-ups I have looked at in the past.)

Then I saw this Sylvan Sport Go camper on display during a recent festival at Hunter Mountain. I love it! Kenco, that great shop for all things outdoors on Route 28 just outside Kingston, had it on display and sells it from their store. It was roomy, and appeared to be light to tow and easy to set up and best of all, it doesn't look like there is a lot there that can get musty!

I'm not saying I have made the decision yet to buy this camper -- but it has popped to the front of my list!

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