Friday, May 11, 2007

Crickets ... ick!

OK -- this is not about the Good Life. It's more about the bizarre.

I came home last night to find 10,000 live crickets in crates on my porch. I did not order crickets. I don't even know what anyone would DO with 10,000 live crickets (don't want to go there, nope, nope, nope ...) They were sent to my address by a business called (They were shipped to my home under the name of someone I have never heard of, and whose name doesn't turn up in local directories.) I called but apparently they are away or don't answer their phone very often. The postal service has promised me they'll show up soon to take the icky crickets away.

At least two people have said to me, "oh how cute, crickets." Let me tell you -- 10,000 live crickets are not cute. A single cricket chirping in the summer evening where you can't see it -- that is cute. Maybe. Thousands of crickets only a few feet from the inside of my house -- now THAT is creepy. And I've learned a new thing about crickets -- they stink. There are some really vile smells coming from these crates.

The crickets sound happy though. At least they're chirping. They chirped all night long. I, however, am not feeling so chirpy today. :-(


Leslie Coons said...

More about crickets from

The folklore and mythology surrounding crickets is extensive. [1]

The singing of crickets in the folklore of Brazil and elsewhere is sometimes taken to be a sign of impending rain, or of a financial windfall.

In Brazilian history, the sudden chirping of a cricket heralded the sighting of land for the crew of captain Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, just as their water supply had run out. (Lenko and Papavero 1996).

In Caraguatatuba, Brazil, a black cricket in a room is said to portend illness; a gray one money; and a green one hope (Lenko and Papavero 1996). "MY" CRICKETS ARE LIGHT BROWN. ??

In Alagoas state, northeast Brazil, a cricket announces death, thus it is killed if it chirps in a house (Araújo 1977). OOO. WELL, THEY ARE ON THE PORCH. THANK GOODNESS.

In the village of Capueiruçu, Bahia State, (Brazil) a constantly chirping cricket foretells pregnancy, but if it pauses, money is expected (K.L.G. Lima, unpublished data). UM. THERE'S LOTS OF PAUSING. LOTS AND LOTS OF PAUSING. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS.

The mole cricket locally known as "paquinha", "jeguinho", "cachorrinho-d'água", or "cava-chão" (genera Scapteriscus and Neocurtilla, Gryllotalpidae) is said to predict rain when it digs into the ground (Fowler 1994).

In Barbados, a loud cricket means money is coming in; hence, a cricket must not be killed or evicted if it chirps inside a house. However, another type of cricket that is less noisy forebodes illness or death. THESE ARE LOUD CRICKETS.

(Forde 1988) In Zambia, the Gryllotalpa africanus cricket is held to bring good fortune to anyone who sees it (Mbata 1999).

Crickets may also be eaten in some cultures, and are popular as live food for carnivorous pets.

In comedy, the sound of crickets may be used to humorously indicate a dead silence when a response or activity is expected. For example, if a comedian in a TV show tells a bad joke, instead of the audience laughing, crickets may chirp.

The Disney corporation has used a number of notable cricket characters in their animated movies through the ages. Most of these characters represent good. For example, in the movie "Pinnochio," Jiminy Cricket is honored with the position of the title character's conscience. In "Mulan," Cri-kee is carried in a cage as a symbol of luck, as in many Asian countries

Anonymous said...

Better you than me!

Ok, this is HYSTERICAL! Being one of the afore mentioned So Cal pals (who needs a pedicure) I miss the sound of crickets. However THOUSANDS would give me the creeps. My skin is crawling and I am 3000 miles away.

And if crickets show up on my doorstep as a Mother's day gift... RETURN TO SENDER,


Leslie Coons said...

I bet those cute little Orange County, California lizards that lounge around your pool & hot tub would love the crickets!

Anonymous said...

I do NOT wish to see any of them!
So you couldn't find out what the crickets were for.. I know some restaurants still serve locusts, grasshoppers here, grilled or cooked in soy sauce, but they definitely don't need that many!
Sleep well tonight "in aller Ruhe"


Michael Woyton said...

Leslie, this is your chance to corner the mid-Hudson Valley cricket market!