Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's all about the toes

It’s getting warmer outside, and that means casual sandals and toes peeking out of dressy shoes. There’s a place in Orange County, California that I love to go to for pedicures when I’m visiting my friends (Hudson Valley natives who moved to Southern California about 15 years ago.) But going back and forth to California to keep up a pedicure can get to be a little pricey. I was spoiled in California and I’ve mentioned before that I am in search of a really good pedicure salon in the Hudson Valley.

One of our readers, Barbara, e-mailed to let me know this:

“My grandson's wife, Laiza just transferred from Dana Cole Salon in Wappingers Falls to TW Nail Technology on Main St. in Fishkill. She gives a great pedicure (and) is a nail technician and hair stylist. She is fully licensed in all and has a great personality.

I am sending you this (after reading you missed your good pedicure), not because she needs clients, but because I think you will find her one of the best in her field in this area.”

Thanks, Barbara! Sounds worth checking out!

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