Monday, May 14, 2007

On the road

My beloved old Outback was ready for retirement. I often find myself driving around with a car loaded with kids, Big Dog with muddy feet, bikes and other sports equipment, plants and garden tools, groceries, and lots of other stuff, so I had an idea of the type of vehicle I needed -- something with space, something with the latest safety features and preferably something with all-wheel-drive. (I was spoiled by my Subaru.) But I also have a fairly long commute to work. When I tallied what I was spending at the gas pump each month, I really didn’t like the numbers.

What to do? I bought a hybrid SUV. It’s a whole new world.

Driving a hybrid, I have realized, is like learning to drive all over again. That is, if you want to maximize fuel efficiency. I find myself thinking a lot more about the path I’m taking and I mean that literally. There's a real science to driving with the terrain and using the car's potential. I’m already getting some pretty impressive MPG numbers from my vehicle and there’s lots more to learn.

Anyone have any hybrid stories or driving tips to share?

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