Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's Patrick ...

Patrick Decker, a local guy who works as Rachel Ray's food stylist, sent me a video link this morning that shows some of what he does behind the scenes at her television show.

Check it out -- it's interesting -- and you might get some ideas for meatballs!

If you've seen the latest (February-March) issue of Hudson Valley Connoisseur, you might recognize Patrick, who is featured in an article about people who are passionate about knitting as a hobby. Writer Shelly Loveland put together an entertaining and comprehensive story about a few interesting folks (such as Patrick) who are into the yarn craft, as well as spotlighting regional resources available for those at all skill levels.

Patrick also did some food styling work for the latest issue of HVC magazine, creating a fun cake to illustrate our cover story about 10 treats that are good for you.

I first met Patrick back when I worked at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. He was a student in its bachelor's degree program and the editor of the student newspaper. He also did some writing for the alumni magazine, which I edited at the time. It's great to see him come so far in his profession so quickly.

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