Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hudson goes to the dogs (while Catskill sticks with cats)

I have a soft spot for dogs and I love checking out the creations of local artists, so I think this idea from the Columbia County Council on the Arts is just the cat's meow.

"Best in Show" 2008: Hudson and Columbia County Art Project

Imagine classical dogs, colorful dogs, cunning or crying or cocky dogs, cranky dogs, corny dogs, conceited, contented and comical dogs. All the newest, all the coolest will be taking up residence in Hudson, for the summer of 2008. Fiber glass dogs, approximately 25 inches, either in a sitting or standing position and mounted on a base, will be purchased by a sponsor and then painted and decorated at the whimsy of the artist. There will be promotions and special events throughout the season. Patrons who sponsor the dogs and artists who decorate them will be promoted in print, on the web, at events and in the streets!!

The dogs will be on display in Hudson and other towns in Columbia County from July 4th Weekend through the CCCA's Hudson ArtsWalk, ending Columbus Day Weekend. Following their summer on the street the dogs will be auctioned at the "Best in Show Auction and Gala" to be held during ArtsWalk 2008, on Sunday, October 12th.

There is info here about sponsoring or creating a dog.

I drove through a town in Vermont last summer and saw a version of this kind of event, but with bears. Locally, Catskill did something similar with cats, and apparently there are plans afoot for a repeat in 2008. And who can forget the painted fiberglass cows on parade in Chicago and Manhattan? Bring it on!

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North Fifth Street said...

To call artist-painted mass-produced fiberglass dogs "art" seems insincere at best. Even a dog lover will see these as something fake. For better or worse, this is civic hucksterism in Hudson, not connoisseurship.