Monday, April 16, 2007

Give a Monkey a Laptop ...

I am such a novice golfer.

But having been an avid tennis player for most of my life (until a hamstring injury sidelined me a few years ago) I can understand the passion people have for their favorite sport. In the April issue of Hudson Valley Connoisseur, we were lucky to find a great editorial-design team to take a look at the "most distinguished" golfing holes in the region. Writer Theresa Keegan and illustrator Sten Miller both admit they have a big passion for golf, and it shows in the exceptionally fine, creative and entertaining article they turned out.

By the way, the sum of my golfing experience? I took a few lessons in college. In the 1960s, renowned golf architect Robert Trent Jones (who married Wells alumna Ione Davis Jones ‘31) had redesigned several of the college's golf course holes. By the time I came to study at Wells, learning golf had become a college tradition.

I'd actually forgotten the rest of this story until my former college roommate reminded me recently. We were taking the college golf lessons together and we were soooo bad. Just pathetic -- so much so that I gave up trying at one point and just decided to be silly and swing the club hard. And I got a hole-in-one, and won a shirt. It was the golfing equivalent of "give a monkey a typewriter and one day he might type out Shakespeare." And right there, I decided to end my golfing experience -- at the top. Sort of. :-)

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