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12-course Meal

Speaking of local, seasonal food ...

I had the very good fortune to be invited to the 2007 Tastemakers Dinner at Bezalel Gables Fine Catering & Events, an elegant inn in Chatham owned by Chef David James Robinson. David is a big advocate for local, seasonal foods and his very creative menu reflected that. Many of the items he served contained ingredients that he and his staff had preserved last summer.

The 12-course menu -- and the company -- were delightful. My dining partners included Jan Hanvik, executive director of the Columbia County Council on the Arts and choreographer Mark DeGarmo. (There's a photo of them in the Scene section of the latest HVC magazine.)

Here's the menu:

Using the Best Seasonal Ingredients

Cocktails: (7:00 pm)

“You Can’t Get Blood from a Melon”
Cantelope Vodka Martini with a Squeeze of Blood Orange
Garnished with a Round of Blood Orange

“The Tastemakers’ Brazillian Red”
Pomegranate with Cachaçha
Garnished with a Kumquat

Rose Puchong Iced Tea
Garnished with Dried Rose Buds

Hors D’oeuvres

Butlered Hors D’oeuvres

Triangle Terrine of Beet and Orange on our Homemade Crackers

Miniature “Meatloaf” Baked with Chunks of Diced Apple and an Apple Glaze

Fresh Tuna Pastrami
Served on unusual Skewers

Cream of Chestnut and Coconut Soup with Madiera
Served in Shot Glasses with Handles

Oyster, Cremini and Shiitake Mushroom, Prosciutto and Blue Cheese Bruschetta

Petite Yorkshire Puddings Topped with Roast Beef and Horseradish Sauce
Miniature Popover Size

Handheld Caesar Salad

Supper (8:00)

Lemon & Rosemary Fingertip Towels Passed to Each Guest

Wine and Beverage Service

Nantucket Coolers of Ice Water with Slices of Cucumber

Bottles of Saratoga Sparkling Water

Bread Baskets: A variety of Artisan Breads, including:
Our Small Hot Potato Loaves
Rolls Baked with Diced Prosciutto
Classic Quick Bread Sticks in Red and Orange

Condiments: Port Wine and Shallot Compound Butter; Cognac Butter; Kidney Bean Purée

WHITE WINE SERVICE: Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling, Finger Lakes, New York

Amuse Bouche:

Paté of Duck Breast Stuffed in Dried Plums Soaked in Armanac Sprinkled with Red Pistachio
Served on Tiny White Square Plates

Course I -- Pasta:

Tomato and Carrot Pillows of Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with a Sage Sauce, Garnished with Chopped Italian Parsley
Served on Square White Plates

Course II -- Salad:

Salad Puffs filled with Nouvelle Waldorf Salad:
Red Apples with Skins on, Celery and Golden Raisins and Walnuts with Red Lettuce
Traditional Dressing (on the side)
Served on Ruby Glass Plates

Course III – Poultry:

Pheasant Pot Pies, with Local Chanterelles, Morels, Vegetables and Corn
Served in Miniature Casserole Dishes

Course IV -- Soup:

Carrot/Tangerine Soup
with Diced Beet Garnish
Served in Cosmo Glasses

BEER SERVICE: Debut of Chatham Brewery Porter

Course V -- Lamb:

Rack of Lamb Roasted with Mint Pesto with Savory Mint Merengues
On a Bed of Crimson Lentils with Herbes de Provence
Served on Ruby Plates

Course VI -- Shellfish:

“Sea Foam: Conch, Orange and Lime Mousse Garnished with Trout Roe and Beet and Saffron Caviar
with Shrimp Chip and Poached Shrimp in Ice Orange-Juice Shot Glass on a Round of Blood Orange
Served on a Clear Glass Swirl Plate

RED WINE SERVICE: Lamoreaux Landing from New York’s Finger Lakes’ Region

Course VII -- Beef:

Short Ribs Braised in Brooklyn Chocolate Stout with Aromatic Vegetables, including Jicama
Served in Small Ruby Bowls

Course VIII -- Seafood:

Skate in Burre Noisette with Champagne Gelée
Small Cherry Peppers from Holmquest Farm stuffed with Breaded, Herbed and Baked Chêvre from Rawson Brook Farm
Platinum-Banded China

Course IX -- Pork:

Roasted Pork Tenderloin Encrusted with Hazelnut Paste and Unsweetened Cocoa

“Beets Wellington” Beets in Filo with Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Ricotta
Small Ruby Plates

Intermezzo-Sorbet Course X: (in coupiers)

Tomato Sorbet with Holmquest Farms Heirloom Tomatoes
Pear Yellow and Red Tomato Garnish “Flowers”
Served in Coupier

WINE SERVICE: “Duet” Rhubarb and Strawberry Wine for Clinton Vineyards, Clinton Corners, New York Served in “Tilted” Double Shot Glasses. OR Pomegranate Juice

Cheese Course XI:

Parfait of Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Ewe’s Blue Rice Pudding Layered with 5-Apple Apple Sauce and Crispy Gingerbread “B” Cookie
Served in Martini Glasses

CHAMPAGNE SERVICE: Clinton Vineyards’ Peach Gala; Peche Bubbly. Or Ginger ale.

Desserts XII:

Mignardis Trays:
Served on Shell Trays

Lemon Cookies with Red Glaze, Dusted with Black Sugar

Morello Cherry Crème in Chocolate Cups

White Chocolate Cheesecakes Topped with Strawberry Sauce in WonTon Spoons

Ice Cream Cones with Orange-Chocolate Cake Inside, Orange Butter Cream and Red Jimmies

Cones of Miniature Cotton Candy

Red Grapes

Rose Plate

Coffee and Tea Service Served in Silver Coffee Pots

Chef David James Robinson
Executive Chef/Owner
Bezalel Gables
Fine Catering & Events

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