Friday, April 27, 2007

Silver works

More on silver jewelry in the region ...

Last June we featured two artisans in Hudson Valley Connoisseur who create incredible silver jewelry. It's worth taking another look at them.

Kate Rogovin's background as an artist and industrial textile designer interconnects with the know-how she inherited from her silversmith father to create the unique Interweave Collection pieces available at Concentric Gallery in Beacon. Hand woven on antique looms, Kate's mesh bracelets and neckpieces incorporate fine silver and gold threads.

Rick Cameron found his true calling as designer and owner of Cameron Design fine limited jewelry in Woodstock. Many of his designs are influenced by his love of wildlife and his fascination with mythology, The "black sterling" and "steel gray" surfaces on some of his pieces were developed in his Manhattan workshop. I especially crave his black sterling panther with ruby eyes bracelet, shown above.

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